Mommy spanks Britney - Mommaspankings - Full HD

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Mommy spanks Britney - Mommaspankings - Full HD

Model: Britney Light, Miss Bernadette
Studio: Mommaspankings

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Play Time: 12 min 34 s
Format: MP4
Video: 1920x1080

We are so excited to welcome Britney Light to Momma Spankings in her first ever traditional mommy/daughter spanking film. Mommy comes in to say goodnight to her precious princess and is shocked to find her with no panties on and masturbating. Touching oneself in this manner is considered a sin in this house. Mommy takes her dirty daughter right over the lap for a spanking on her bare bottom. Britney knows she is in trouble even more so when mommy gets the slipper out and has her bend over on all fours on the bed. Britney begs, “no mommy, not the slipper,” but that will only make it worse. Britney’s bottom turns a deep pink as her mom’s leather slipper swats her reddened cheeks. After her punishment, this naughty girl is left to rub her sore bottom and sob herself to sleep.
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