Naughty Rachel Spanked and Diapered - Mommaspankings - Full HD

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Naughty Rachel Spanked and Diapered - Mommaspankings - Full HD

Model: Miss Elizabeth, Rachel Adams
Studio: Mommaspankings

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Rachel is sent to her aunt's house by her mom as she is out of control and auntie knows just how to deal with brats like this. It's time to go out to the dress shop for an appointment and Rachel is supposed to go to help but she is still in bed and playing on her phone. When aunt Elizabeth comes into the room, Rachel is rude and ignores her. It's right over the knee for a well deserved spanking. Then auntie has another more humiliating punishment in store, if Rachel is going to act like a child, she will be treated as such. Rachel is put into a diaper and is so humiliated. She is told if she needs to pee she will use the diaper but she must tell auntie so she can be changed like a baby. When they get home, she is in trouble. Not only was she rude to the shop keeper, but she wet herself and didn't tell her aunt. It's over the knee again, but this time she is spanked hard with the hairbrush until the tears are streaming down her face. Then, a new diaper is put on and she is held and forgiven. She is very very sorry and promises to be a good girl from now on.
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