Mommy’s Misguided Girl Full Film – Aaaspanking [Triple A Spanking]

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Mommy’s Misguided Girl Full Film – Aaaspanking [Triple A Spanking]

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Mommy’s job means she is in the UK on a long term contract and her daughter, Ashley, has been trying to adjust to life in a new country. She used to be in the Girl Scouts, so mommy enrolls her into the local Girl Guides (the UK equivalent) and all is well until Ashley becomes bored of missing her old friends and life back in Los Angeles. Ashley’s behavior quickly deteriotes and in the Girl Guides she has been causing trouble, shortening her skirt, acting like a slut, and fighting with other girls which is unbecoming to the uniform and so on. Well, this ungrateful brat is about to receive the discipline she should have had a while ago… a good old fashioned spanking as Mommy can not have her daughter being so disrespectful and disruptive. Ashley’s tight little skirt is pulled up and she is spanked over Mommy’s lap which she finds embarrassing but it is to get worse as her panties are pulled down which she objects to…and her bared bottom further reddened by Mommy’s hard hand. To ensure her daughter learns her lesson, the old leather strap that Mommy once used on Ashley’s bare behind is brought out again. Ashley is bent over the sofa, her bottom… exposed and vulnerable… is strapped on her already sore bottom. This is one very sorry young lady who deserves every swat for being such a disrespectful slut!
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