Thieving Lily's Liquor Lickin' - Cheerleaderspankings - Full HD

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Thieving Lily's Liquor Lickin' - Cheerleaderspankings - Full HD

Model: Lily Swan, Samantha Baker
Studio: Cheerleaderspankings

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PlayTime: 4 min 8 s
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Lily has been stealing strong liquor from mom's cabinet and taking the booze to cheer practice to impress her peers. Lily loves being popular but everything changes when her mother's suspicions are confirmed as she catches her girl red-handed, pinching another bottle. Lily has nothing much to say since she is caught in the act so mom lets her know what happens to thieves in this house. If she wants to impress her friends, she can impress them by showing off her soon to be very sore red bottom. She places her daughter, still dressed in her cheer outfit, over the table and spanks her hard whilst scolding her naughty girl. Those tight white shorts are pulled down and Lily's beautiful toned butt cheeks are given a further licking from mom's mean hands. Worse is to come as Mom spies a hairbrush on the table and gets Lily to ask her to give her a hairbrush spanking. Oh, the shame and humiliation! The brush really stings and poor Lily finally learns her lesson as her bottom turns an angry red and her very real yelps of pain fills the room! Do not miss this hot mommy/daughter combination of super fit and sexy, Lily Swan getting a spanking from Madame Samantha B
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