Severe Singapore Judicial Canings - Sarahgregoryspanking - Full HD

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Severe Singapore Judicial Canings - Sarahgregoryspanking - Full HD

Model: Elle Bea, Lily Swan, Johnny Lake
Studio: Sarahgregoryspanking

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Lily and Elle have been caught selling firearms in Singapore. Normally women would receive a lengthy prison sentence. Lily's mother is a senior member of the American government and the authorities are keen to avoid an international incident. They are to be secretly caned and then be deported. Elle, as the accomplice will receive 12 strokes and Lily will receive 24 for being the ringleader. Ahead of the severe physical punishment, a psycholgical deterrant of a humiliating medical examination, stripped bare and shivering, only makes them even more nervous and worried! Elle is first and taken to the Punishment Room. She is tied and restrained to the caning bench, then with a heavy rattan cane she is slowly and deliberately given each painful stroke. Welts quickly appear and you will see both the rear and facial angles as tears flow freely. She is returned to the medical room where Lily sees Elle a blubbering mess then the defiant girl takes the same harsh punishment with 24 strokes! In the epilogue, the girls are given lotion on a medical table to preapre them on a long and uncomfortable flight back to the USA later that evening! This is a special feature that observers of hard, calculated discipline will appreciate.
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