A Lesson In Discipline - Cheerleaderspankings - Full HD

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A Lesson In Discipline - Cheerleaderspankings - Full HD

Model: Johnny Lake, Tiana Irie
Studio: Cheerleaderspankings

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Tiana has been promoted to assistant cheer coach and Coach Lake has a few wise words for her before she starts. He has noticed that she is still far too friendly with the other girls and for her to do the job properly, she needs to learn how to be more distant and authoritative. That includes not being buddies all the time at practice and to not be afraid to discipline any of them. Coach Lake uses her as an example and takes her over his lap for a spanking, something she has been familiar with in the past. It's unpleasant for her and a quick lesson to learn, feeling embarrassed as her panties are pulled down and her bouncing bare booty spanked harder with his hand. Of course, he spied her matching, cute hairbrush she brought in earlier, and he informs her implements get a far more effective message across. Tiana's hairbrush stings like heck across her visibly sore bottom... but now she understands what is necessary to fulfill the position of an assistant coach!
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