Introducing Kali Danes Full Film – Aaaspanking [Triple A Spanking]

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Introducing Kali Danes Full Film – Aaaspanking [Triple A Spanking]

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Please welcome another stunning debut performance at Triple A of a real lifestyle player. Nothing entertains submissive Kali more than pleasing her male tops showcasing an amazing tolerance level that she possesses during impact play. She chose to work with one of our favorite male performers, Johnny Lake, at a recent party. You will watch her take a hard spanking and strapping in three seperate scenes and each one is packed full of action. No long introductory dialogue or storyline, just the spanking from the start between a couple who make for wonderful viewing. In Scene One: Kali is spanked over Johnny’s knee, her bottom is already glowing as we join them mid flow, no warm ups, no talking, just good old fashioned hard,hand spanking. For lovers of OTK this is a must see. In Scene Two: Kali is bent over a couch, her bare bottom exposed to the hard adminstrations of Johnny’s leather Compliance Discipline Strap. This strap stings like hell and it is used a whopping 200 times without stop as Kali takes each and every swat given to her. In Scene Three: Kali has her bottom stuck out, her back fully arched. The cheeks of her bottom are stretched more in this precarious position as she is given a similar relentless tempo of 70 measured, follow through swats with Johnny’s trusted thick double edged Leather Strop.
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