The Brat Next Door Full Film – Aaaspanking [Triple A Spanking]

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The Brat Next Door Full Film – Aaaspanking [Triple A Spanking]

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Lola Marie is the sort of girl who likes to do something for a dare or just for the sheer hell of it. Take the latest example… she has been annoying her neighbor, walking through his grounds as a short cut home from school and has been told off multiple times for it in the past! This time she stops at (what she thinks) a secluded garden bench and starts to masturbate to some spanking porn she had been streaming on her phone! This is the last straw for her neighbor, John, who has seen this filth from his kitchen window and needs to put a stop to it. Confronting her and discovering what she has been getting off to, he confiscates her phone and calls her father. He knew that her dad has spanked her as a punishment and they decide that to teach this brat a lesson, her father gives permission for John to punish her as he would right where they are. This was music to John’s ears as this naughty brat really had it coming… first he spanks her over his lap on the bench. He quickly pulls down her regulation panties, leaving the white double gusset exposed as the noise of a hard bare bottom hand spanking reverberates around the yard. Next, Lola is placed over the bench, with her round bottom fully exposed as he uses the heavy black belt that he knew would sting a lot to make her punishment much more memorable. Lola needs to learn a lesson and this time her neighbor has the last word as her sore bottom is thrashed with the leather belt time and again which really gets the point home! This will teach her to be so brazen in the future.
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