Sisters Spanked and Diapered part 3 – Mommaspankings

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Sisters Spanked and Diapered part 3 – Mommaspankings

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Adriana is sick and tired of being annoyed all the time by her little sister, Kiki. If she wants to continue acting like a bratty baby sister, then Adriana has something special in mind. She just happens to have diapers available and decides to humiliate Kiki… the younger brat is held down as she is diapered by big sis! Mom hears the commotion and is shocked and angry at Adriana for putting her sibling in a diaper. She won’t hear Adriana’s side of things and immediately takes her eldest daughter over her lap for a spanking, whilst allowing Kiki to look on. Kiki is amused and loves seeing her sister punished. After a hard hand and hairbrush spanking, mommy decides to treat Adriana the same way that she had done to Kiki. She puts her into a diaper… but not before Adriana is made to ask for it, which she loathes doing. After both sisters are sitting in their diapers, mommy asks them to hug and make up. This whole affair has upset their mother after the shock of what she had witnessed. Having the time to think it over, she asks Kiki to meet her in the living room as she needs to have a “talk”. She decides that Kiki has been annoying her older sister far too often recently even when asked multiple times to stop. Kiki needs to be punished, so of course it is over mommy’s lap for a hard hand and wooden hairbrush spanking that has her regretting being such a brat. How embarrassing for Kiki… the final act from mommy is sending her to bed early with a very sore, stinging bottom.
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