Momma Punishes Quinn (Part2) - Mommaspankings - Full HD

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Momma Punishes Quinn (Part2) - Mommaspankings - Full HD

Model: Quinn, Miss Elizabeth
Studio: Mommaspankings

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Quinn comes stumbling in 3 hours past curfew drunk and dressed like a slut. Mommy is not only very angry, but worried about what has happened to her daughter. Quinn has quite an attitude with mom until she is taken over the knee for a spanking. Quinn is already so sore from previous spankings so this feels ten times worse. Mommy is relentless and brings her stingy hand down hard on Quinn's bare bottom. Quinn cries in pain and promises to be a good girl from now on. But that doesn't stop the spanking. Her punishment ends with her bent over taking mommy's leather paddle on her sore red behind.
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