Business Studies - Northernspanking - Full HD

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Business Studies - Northernspanking - Full HD

Model: Bambi Belle, Paul Kennedy
Studio: Northernspanking

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Bambi is an industrious school girl who has started running a small business from her dorm room. Unfortunately, some of her stock was intercepted by a concerned mail room staff member...since one of the boxes that arrived for her was clearly labeled as coming from a sex shop. The headmaster has come to Bambi's room to have a word with her. Bambi seemingly has no idea why her new money making scheme of selling vibrators and lingerie to the girls in her building should be a problem...but the headmaster definitely thinks it's a problem!
Bambi is about to learn the limitations of on-campus commerce via a sore spanked bottom and a taste of the Headmaster's strap.
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