Room No.34 (LP-034) Lupus Pictures

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Room No.34 (LP-034) Lupus Pictures

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There can be no sweeter setting for a spanking movie than a girls’ boarding house. You will see naughty girls and delicate girls in amazing situations. You will watch their fights – and, of course, their punishment and humiliation, their shame and tears…

So join us for a new movie from Lupus Pictures. Let us guide you through this magic land and into “Room No. 34”.

The morning peace is interrupted by a sharp whistle. “Wakey, wakey!” The halls that were so quiet just a minute ago now echo with noise. This is the beginning of our four heroines’ story. They rush naked around the room, hurrying to get dressed. The scene is total chaos. Where is that piece of clothing, where is my comb? Negligent girls! The bell urges them to hurry, and we can imagine what will happen if they are even a few seconds late.

The last call comes for them to line up. There is silence, the calm before the storm. The door handle moves, the latch clicks, and here comes the strict warden, accompanied by the girls on duty. Clothes are inspected, tidiness is checked. The number of penalty points on the list is growing. And finally – someone has left nail clippings under the bed. Who is responsible for that? But none of them confesses and none of them wants to betray a friend.

They must see the strict headmaster.

The warden will make sure the naughty girls are punished properly this time.

Even waiting is a painful experience. The girls on duty take advantage of their privileges and order them to do exercises. “Up! Down! Up! Down!”

Although the headmaster looks kindly, he has an unpleasant surprise for them. He is sick of the whole of Room No. 34 and of their incredible number of penalty points, and sends for the school caretaker. Today, the punishment will be harsh… The two men find an antique device for the most severe beating of naked bottoms, together with a bundle of rattan canes. The girls’ bottoms really have something to look forward to!

We may feel sorry for them, but we will experience all their suffering and enjoy it to the full. We will see every detail, the rod biting into naked buttocks as the weals form and bruises grow. Severe punishment, one girl after another. Crying and tears will punctuate the symphony, from the naked girls’ shame at the beginning to the closing shots of their bare bruised bottoms.

Really? Is that all?

No, no. The finale, back in room 34, is completely unexpected. Do you want to know what could be worse than the severe punishment they have already endured? Go and see the new movie, “Room No. 34”, by Lupus Pictures. You will be more than satisfied, we guarantee.

Each girl will suffer fifty strokes of a rattan cane, and one of them will get even more than that.

Our heroines are blonde Veronika Pospíšilová, who starred in “Detention House 3: Whose bread you eat, his song you sing” and “Two Faces of Truth”, and Karolína Dlouhá, who starred as the prima dona in “The Great Role” – this time on the other end of the rod.

And as in previous movie you can look forward special bonus – interviews with actresses before and right after spankings.
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