Late Checkout - Northernspanking - Full HD

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Late Checkout - Northernspanking - Full HD

Model: Adriana Evans, Maddy Marks, Michael Valentine
Studio: Northernspanking

Size: 494 MB
Play Time: 13 min 23 s
Format: MP4
Video: 1920x1080

Adriana's job as a hotel maid is hard enough without guests overstaying their checkout time. Today is the day the Adriana's patience snaps upon finding Maddy sound asleep when she should ave checked out hours ago. Somewhat controversially, Adriana decides that what this lazy girl needs is a good spanking an outraged Maddy soon feels Adriana's hand stinging her bottom, soon followed by her own hairbrush. To cap it all, Adriana then forcibly ejects the semi-naked Maddy from the room into the corridor.

Very soon Adriana is joined in the still unfinished room by the hotel manager, her boss. Not only is Michael her boss, he also happens to be Maddy's father... I think we can guess how the rest of Adriana's morning plays out!
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