Kiki Diapering, Mouthsoaping And Spanking (Part 2) - Mommaspankings - Full HD

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Kiki Diapering, Mouthsoaping And Spanking (Part 2) - Mommaspankings - Full HD

Model: Miss Bernadette, Paul Rogers, Kiki Cali
Studio: Mommaspankings

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Kiki has been very sneaky at school and the school had been trying to deal with her disgusting behavior without informaing her parents as it was all rather embarrassing. However, she was continuing to use the excuse of peeing her panties and other convenient accidents to get out of tests and such which the school authorities failed to stop so finally agreed to inform her parents. Her appalling behavior meant that the parents were naturally shocked and ashamed and they had agreed to discipline her "in house" to stop this nastiness! It is where this full length film starts as Kiki is confronted by both Mom and Dad. Her pitiful excuses are falling on deaf ears and she is told that this stops today as she will receive a spanking from Mom & a strapping from Dad in addition to be diapered like a little pee pee girl that can not be trusted! It's their turn to embarrass her like her behavior at school has shamed them! Kiki's attitude is awful, raising her eyes, not caring and showing such disrespect that she is then given the heavy bathbrush by Mommy who really hits her bare bottom hard. Kiki cusses, swears and still doesn't learn her lesson during the humiliating diapering which any girl with an ounce of respect would learn quickly to just get it over with... so Mommy decides this foul mouthed young lady needs an additional punishment. Thsi is her first ever mouthsoaping from Mommy which is very unpleasant and done whilst she is wearing that crinkling, heavy diaper! The mouth soaping finally gets the sudsy, foamed filled message across to a near tearful and utterly humiliated Kiki as she finally learns her lesson that her disgusting behavior will not be tolerated at home or at school in the future!
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