Painful Spankings At Uncle's House - Universal Spanking and Punishments - Full HD

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Painful Spankings At Uncle's House - Universal Spanking and Punishments - Full HD

Model: Kiki Cali
Studio: Universal Spanking and Punishments

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After having trouble at home, Kiki is sent off to stay with her Uncle Joe for the rest of the school year. The feeling is that a change of scenery will do her good and give her a fresh start. For awhile, Kiki does well and follows the rules without an issue, though it doesn't take long before there are problems at school that include drinking and smoking!Kiki's Uncle is very strict and he confronts her with the problems that have been reported to him. Uncle Joe informs Kiki that a painful spanking will be used for her punishment, and despite her bad behavior, she obediently accepts her fate. The truth is that Kiki just wants to have fun, and she never intended to disappoint her Uncle Joe and inside her heart she truly wants to make things right. As the Kiki pulls down her panties for her spanking, her Uncle notices that she's already been paddled that day at school, this makes him even more determined than ever to blister her little bottom in the hopes that her decision making will improve.The punishment starts with a solid hand spanking! Kiki's Uncle wants her to feel the correction coming directly from him, directly from his firm hand. Next, Kiki is instructed to get into the tub and to dip her behind deep into the water, wetting it in preparation for a wet bottom belt whipping that she'll never forget! Kiki struggles through the sting of the belt sizzling her wet little buns, she never thought something like this could happen to her, and she knows that her behavior has to change so she doesn't have to go through this again. The belt is followed up by strokes with a split tailed strap as Kiki has to wet her bottom over and over for this unique spanking lesson.Kiki's Uncle is certainly strict, but that's the way that he's been managing behinds for years and he isn't about to change now. Kiki is learning fast that being a good girl and showcasing obedience goes a long way in this world, and even she knows that going over her Uncle's knee is exactly what she deserves. He lays in rapid fire smacks, giving Kiki the fire to her cheeks that will inspire her to be that good girl that the family knows she can become. Her trip over the knee leads to a strapping with a billet strap, and her punishment wraps up with tear jerking swats from the wooden paddle that any girl would dread. At school, the swats were given over the pants, but with Uncle Joe she gets them on her very sore behind. A punishment like this isn't given to every girl, and every girl doesn't turn out as well behaved as Kiki did after her visit to Uncle's house.
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