The Blackmail Series: Butterphli's Spanking - Universal Spanking and Punishments - Full HD

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The Blackmail Series: Butterphli's Spanking - Universal Spanking and Punishments - Full HD

Model: Butterphli (Butterfly)
Studio: Universal Spanking and Punishments

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When a woman does a bad thing, she hopes most that she'll not be caught. Sometimes days might pass by after doing something wrong and there will be a sense that everything is okay,...and sometimes a woman is confronted with the agonizing and painful truth, so damning that a price must be paid!
In the case of Butterphli (pronounced Butterfly), she did a terrible thing,...strike that, she did terrible things. Butterphli made the decision to have an affair. Her hard working husband would leave the house, and then she'd disrobe and do the bidding for a man that she barely knew. Butterphli would have gotten away with it if it hadn't been for her attentive neighbor. Being concerned about the strange vehicle in her driveway, he approached his neighbor's house for a closer look. There, he saw her kneeling in front of a man that wasn't her husband. Days later, the neighbor had Butterphli come over to his house so he could present to her the information about what he saw, and to describe the pictures that he took. Soon enough a proposal was made, he would keep quiet about what he saw, but Butterphli would have to take a humiliating spanking!!!
Taking a spanking as a grown woman isn't easy. Butterphli thought she was long past those days where she grew up taking her step-father's belt. However, she knew that she didn't have a choice and she accepted the deal proposed by her neighbor,...and soon Butterphli was bent over with her cheeks exposed. The first smacks were very painful, it was clear that this spanking was going to hurt from start to finish and there was no way out. The spanking became harder and faster as it went on, and the embarrassment grew to new heights when Butterphli had to go over her neighbor's knee!!! He kept smacking away with his hand and then to her horror a wooden hairbrush was applied to her cheating cheeks, she wanted the punishment to be over with, though her fate was in her neighbor's hands now.
As we find out, Butterphli is not particularly adored by her neighbor, in fact he expresses his dislike for her. After the spankings over the knee are given, Butterphli is then stood back up for more corporal punishment with the riding crop and a wooden paddle! This spanking hurt her a lot, she struggled and suffered,... and quite honestly it's exactly what she deserved.
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