Betrayal Lies And Spankings - Cheerleaderspankings - Full HD

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Betrayal Lies And Spankings - Cheerleaderspankings - Full HD

Model: Harley Havik, Apricot Pitts
Studio: Cheerleaderspankings

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PlayTime: 11 min 32 s
Format: MP4
Video: 1920x1080
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Harley and Apricot are best friends who regularly meet up despite now living opposite ends of the city and being in rival cheer squads. They both happen to be good at cheerleading, becoming head cheer girls of their respective squads. There's also a lot of well intentioned rivalry as their squads often compete against each other. When they meet up they have often shared their tips and ideas, as best friends do, but this time Harley watched in disbelief as Apricot's team used Harley's latest routine ideas. She feels betrayed but keeps her cool and invites the best friend over to her place after the latest competition. There... she confronts Apricot over what she had seen earlier. The utter betrayal, the deceit and lies that have really harmed their close friendship! Apricot is made aware of just how upset her bestie is but Harley is unimpressed with her weak apologies. So she lets her know that if she is truly sorry, then she would take the punishments just like she gives out to her cheer girls. You can cut the atmospehere with a knife and a very reluctant Apricot is made aware that she takes the hard hand spanking or they are finished as friends. Apricot's spanking is first over her panties then her best friend removes them to teach her a real lesson in friendship! Apricot is embarrassed and starts to feel genuinely remorseful, knowing that their friendship means more than a stupid stolen cheer routine. However, Harley has one final lesson for Apricot; The wooden "Bad Cheerleader" paddle. This gets used six times without her holding back, ensuring that her deceitful friend's bottom turns a very painful red. The girls hug and make up but Apricot knows that she will have to earn her best friend's trust once more. The lesson is that no stolen cheer routine is worth risking a close friendship like they have!
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