Mommy Spanks And Diapers Cherry - Mommaspankings - Full HD

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Mommy Spanks And Diapers Cherry - Mommaspankings - Full HD

Model: Cherry Blossom, Miss Bernadette
Studio: Mommaspankings

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PlayTime: 12 min 22 s
Format: MP4
Video: 1920x1080
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Mommy is shocked to find out what her sweet innocent Cherry has been up to. Cherry has a new boyfriend that likes when she pees in her panties and sends him photos. She finds nothing wrong with this so she of course complies. Well, mom is horrified to find out what is going on. She plans to teach her naughty daughter a lesson with spanking and another special punishment. She plans to put Cherry in a diaper for the night to teach her that she shouldn't be wetting herself for silly boys to see photos. She threatens to take a photo of poor Cherry in the diaper to send to the boyfriend as more punishment, how humiliating!
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