Spanking Therapy - AAASpanking [Triple A Spanking] - HD/720p

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Spanking Therapy - AAASpanking [Triple A Spanking] - HD/720p

Model: Amelia Jane Rutherford, Molly Malone
Studio: AAASpanking [Triple A Spanking]

Size: 401 MB
PlayTime: 13 min 35 s
Format: MP4
Video: 1280x720
Audio: 44.1 KHz, 128 kbits/s

Amelia and Molly enjoy nothing better than pleasing their kindly Uncle David who saved them from a life of crime years ago in what he described as the "Porno Incident". Of course, they never talk about such things anymore and help him in any way they can nowadays. So when the girls noticed that he was getting stressed at work they decided to give him a special treat to help him relax. They waited for him in the sexiest lingerie they owned and allowed him his one real pleasure left in life... spanking naughty young ladies! However, the girls forgot that ol' Dodgy liked to use the bathbrush as well as his practised hand. This is a wonderful naughty spanking movie that will make some of you jealous that this man lives in such a therapeutic spanking relationship!
Tags: Amelia Jane Rutherford Molly Malone OTK - Over The Knee Lying face down ass pushed up Hand Spanking Bathbrush Spanking M F