Alexa Bend Over - Spankingsarah - Full HD

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Alexa Bend Over - Spankingsarah - Full HD

Model: Alexa Jones, Sarah Stern
Studio: Spankingsarah

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Play Time: 19 min 10 s
Format: MP4
Video: 1920x1080

Alexa who is a guest in my house has been walking around the place very scantily dressed and further she has been in my bedroom looking through my spanking toys. She has been putting temptation in the way of my week willed husband and I have punished her for that. Well almost, those of you who know me will understand that I do like to drive the lesson home and I find there is no better way than with the aid of one of my wicked canes. Alexa, bend over is the command and that's just what she does for a real hard whacking.
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