The Cane Will Help - Spankingsarah - Full HD

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The Cane Will Help - Spankingsarah - Full HD

Model: Ivy Bound, Sarah Stern
Studio: Spankingsarah

Size: 669 MB
Play Time: 10 min 41 s
Format: MP4
Video: 1920x1080

Ivy is still suffering from the pain inflicted by the heavy paddle used on her bottom by Step-Sister Sarah the self appointed saviour of wayward young girls. Sarah is, despite the obvious signs of remorse from Ivy, not so sure that the job has been finished but she has a certain method she knows never fails. This entails the use of one of her heaviest canes. Poor Ivy seems to have little choice if she ever wants to get away from this establishment. She must take the caning. It is long, hard and severe.
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