Spanked In Punishment Hall - Universal Spanking and Punishments - Full HD

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Spanked In Punishment Hall - Universal Spanking and Punishments - Full HD

Model: Samantha Marie
Studio: Universal Spanking and Punishments

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Samantha Marie is a promising student, in fact she's expected to earn a college scholarship for her athletic abilities once she graduates. She's normally a well behaved girl, rarely has Samantha ever needed to be punished at school because her parents would pull her aside and tan her bottom whenever a spanking was deserved. Lately though, Samantha's parents have been letting her make more adult decisions and going easy with the spankings at home, and unfortunately Samantha still required strict discipline, it's what got her this far in part.
Case in point, Samantha went on a class trip with her gym class and she was spotted throwing food on the bus, and some of the food caught the bus driver and her coach in the head, creating a potentially dangerous situation. She was also caught making out with another girl on the bus too, and these offenses required her to take a visit to Punishment Hall upon arrival back to the school! Punishment Hall is a room that is often used for detention purposes, but regularly a girl will find her bottom bared and taking licks with a strap or a paddle from a Teacher or the Principal.
Principal is certainly not pleased at all when he sees Samantha just staring at the wall when he arrives in Punishment Hall. She knows that she messed up and Principal knows what the handbook requires in this situation,...stern corporal punishment. He has Samantha bend over and place her hands on the desk, he begins spanking her firmly over her gym shorts, then the spanking gets even harder when her shorts come down exposing her bare cheeks! Next, the prison strap is applied to her beautiful bottom, followed up by a double thick leather strap that fires up Samantha's quivering buns. A long and stiff leather strap is also used to drive the lesson home, Samantha needs to learn that she will not be allowed to act defiant under any circumstances!
The final part of her punishment involves two implements that every girl dreads,...the wooden paddle and the cane! Samantha's bottom is now completely naked and each swat with the board makes her struggle to fight back the tears. She despises the heat, sting, and humiliation of this paddling, but she tries to be strong knowing that her bottom will be swollen and bruised for days to come. Her caning comes next and she knows what this feels like as her recent poor behavior has required stokes from her coach. The principal chooses the Dragon Cane, the most painful implement allowed to be used in Punishment Hall and he lays in line after line across her tender and already sore cheeks! It's clear by the end of the punishment that Samantha doesn't want anything like this to ever happen again, but it's likely that it will before graduation,...she's just not ready to grow up yet.
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