The Cheating Cheerleader’s Spanking - AAASpanking [Triple A Spanking] - HD/720p

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The Cheating Cheerleader’s Spanking - AAASpanking [Triple A Spanking] - HD/720p

Model: Emma Brown, Donna Davenport
Studio: AAASpanking [Triple A Spanking]

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Play Time: 14 min 27 s
Format: MP4
Video: 1280x720

Cheerleader Nicky was stood at the desk of Miss Hodges with her hands on her head being asked to explain why on earth the school team had been disqualified from this year’s Cheergirl Championships! As leader, Nicky thought she would be doing the school and her team a massive favor by using a few nasty tricks on the other girls by introducing “hash cakes” and chocolate laxatives into the girls snacks which of course had dire consequences for their preformances! Miss Hodges had also been asked by the other schools to make an example of the ringleader and there was no wriggling out of this one, as Nicky, still in her cheergirl uniform, was given a spanking and hairbrushing across her bared cheeks she’d not likely to forget in quite a while! Nicky had the heavy stinging hairbrush used on her bare cheeks which soon reddened with total shame. But worse was to come as there was further humiliation when Miss Hodges told the near tearful girl that the other school headmistresses and headmasters required proof that Nicky’s bottom was sufficiently sore and punished so Miss Hodges used her Smart Phone to take some images and sent them to the regional schools network! How embarrassing! This 15 minute film stars Emma Brown as Nicky the very naughty cheerleader!
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