The House Rules Pt 1 - Disciplinaryarts - Full HD

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The House Rules Pt 1 - Disciplinaryarts - Full HD

Model: Debbie, Yasmine Sinclair, Damione
Studio: Disciplinaryarts

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In the House Rules, Debbie and her step sister Yasmine stayed out all night at a club and are trying to sneak in hung over to Debbies boyfriends house, where they both are staying for the Summer. When they open the garage, her boyfriend Damione is waiting with a belt... for them BOTH. First scolding a clueless Yasmine, he sentences both to a sound bare bottom spanking, and tells her sister to leave the house if she wasn't willing to submit to it. She doesn't have the money so she stands and watches Debbie get a hard spanking with the hairbrush to tears, and then a VERY nervous Yasmine is told to trade places with her Step-Sister for a dose of Damione's hand and leather belt in Pt 2!
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