Landlady's Reparation - Dreamsofspanking - Full HD

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Landlady's Reparation - Dreamsofspanking - Full HD

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Model: Nimue Allen, Pandora Blake
Studio: Dreamsofspanking

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Another month's rent is due, but this time landlady Nimue Allen has a confession to make: how will her tenant Pandora Blake react when the tables are turned?

Pandora's getting used to her monthly spankings now, and she's making an effort to clean up her act - particularly after being punished with such a wide variety of implements last time! She'd almost forgotten about the other side of the deal: if the landlady is the one who messes up, then Pandora gets to spank her for a change.

It's been a long month, and Nimue's made a few oversights and had a few mishaps. True to her word, she proffers the paddle and bends over Pandora's lap for her punishment. Pandora takes to this shift in dynamics immediately, and thoroughly enjoys the opportunity to be on the other end of the “arrangement”!

Mind you, this was clearly all part of Nimue's devious plan - she seems to be rather looking forward to getting spanked for a month of Sundays to come...

Behind The Scenes: We all know Nimue can dish it out, but this week she proves to us that she can definitely take it too. We also meet an uninvited crewmember, deal with some logistics and discuss the merits of untouched skin.
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