The New Boss Part 1 - Spankingsarah - 4K Ultra HD/2160p

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The New Boss Part 1 - Spankingsarah - 4K Ultra HD/2160p

Model: Sarah Stern, Dilan, Mila Grant
Studio: Spankingsarah

Size: 1513 MB / 1.47 GB
Play Time: 23 min 11 s
Format: MP4
Video: 3840x2160

The second part of the punishment and age regression of Dillon and Mila two disruptive office girls who have the misfortune to have upset their new boss Sarah Stern. We find them naked and cowering under an office table where they have been sent for thirty mins time out, just like the naughty schoolgirls they are soon to be dressed as. Sarah works on the principle that if they behave like naughty schoolgirls they will be made to look and act like naughty schoolgirls. They are now told to come from under the table and then to take it in turns to go over the knee for a hard bare bottom spanking. All the time they are addressed as naughty little girls and told they will be treated like naughty girls. Once this punishment is complete they are told to dress and then stand out in the corridor outside the office, their knickers are pulled below their knees and they are given bags containing? Well we will see. But they have to come back to the office the next morning.
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