Cards of Pain 12 - Elite Pain - HD/720p

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Cards of Pain 12 - Elite Pain - HD/720p

Model: Zazie, Lady Amanda, Lady Tatjana
Studio: Elite Pain

Size: 1463 MB
PlayTime: 1 h 24 min 57 s
Format: MP4
Video: 1280x720
Audio: 48 KHz, 157 kbits/s

Your favorite pain game returns with Zazie. This time you see the regular version of this game. The cute and innocent blonde this time plays against Amanda and Tatjana. As always in this game, she must distribute 100 strokes between 5 body parts (back, tits, pussy, bottom and thigs/soles). The player wins if she completes the punishments of all the five body parts. There is one catch. Zazie must draw “lucky cards” for each punishments, and these cards more or less modify the original punishments. Will Zazie be able to win the prize of the game? Zazie looks fragile but she can take a lot of pain.
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