Amanda And Gemma Wedgied - Miss Sultrybelle - Full HD

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Amanda And Gemma Wedgied - Miss Sultrybelle - Full HD

Model: Miss Belle, Gemma Irons, Amanda
Studio: Miss Sultrybelle

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Video: 1920x1080
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Gemma and Amanda were supposed to be on patrol but they abandoned their lifeguard posts and because of this peoples lives were at risk. They are sent to officer Belle to receive wedgie punishment. They both receive wedgies from Miss Belle and they are also instructed to give each other wedgies. Miss Belle ends us ripping a pair of pants whilst wedgie-ing Gemma.
Firstly the girls are dressed in red baywatch style swimming costumes and then they are made to strip and they try on multiple pairs of panties which they are wedgied in.
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