Spanked In Uniform - Ze - Firmhandspanking - HD/720p

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Spanked In Uniform - Ze - Firmhandspanking - HD/720p

Model: Lucy Lauren, Philip Johnson
Studio: Firmhandspanking

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PlayTime: 9 min
Format: MP4
Video: 1280x720
Audio: 48 KHz, 93 kbits/s

Blonde hottie Lucy Lauren takes a bare spanking with a hairbrush and mini-paddle! Lying on her back, legs in the air, Lucy Lauren feels a hairbrush on her bare bottom in this finale to . One minute she’s face down, then kneeling bottom up, now she’s topless and finally nude as Mr Johnson switches between his hand, hairbrush and a stinging small wooden paddle to produce a squealing, struggling, red-bottomed result. Ouchie!
Tags: Firmhandspanking Lucy Lauren Philip Johnson Laying Down Legs Up legs in the air Wooden Ruler red bottom Hair Brush Spanking M F