Pampered by the Palm - Strafkamer - Full HD

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Pampered by the Palm - Strafkamer - Full HD

Model: Mistress Baton, Evenshadow
Studio: Strafkamer

Size: 1877 MB
PlayTime: 12 min 37 s
Format: MP4
Video: 1920x1080
Audio: 48 KHz, 112 kbits/s

A sexy, sweet and deceptively hardcore OTK session!
Mistress Baton looks striking for today’s female-on-female OTK, wearing her new, deep crimson pussy bow blouse, glossy stilettos and a pair of black tights.
She is joined by the very first woman she had ever caned, Evenshadow—the owner of one of Mistress Baton’s favourite female bottoms in existence. Evenshadow drapes herself over Mistress Baton’s knee, and hundreds and hundreds of hand swats start raining down on her bum, quickly building up some colour and some heat. (Nail fetishists are going to absolutely adore Baton’s immaculate new set of long, black coffin nails!)
Next, an interesting new implement is introduced: the palmattoria, and Baton applies several sets to the beautiful bum to create wonderful, blooming bullseyes.
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