Painful Duel 9 (Lucy & Zazie) - Elite Pain - HD/720p

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Painful Duel 9 (Lucy & Zazie) - Elite Pain - HD/720p

Model: Lucy, Zazie, Amanda
Studio: Elite Pain

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PlayTime: 55 min 14 s
Format: MP4
Video: 1280x720
Audio: 48 KHz, 157 kbits/s

Painful Duel returns with Lucy and Zazie competing against each others. They must endure three rounds of whippings. The one who gives up loses the game, and goes home without any prize. The winner takes all.
1st round: 40 strokes on their backs lying on a bench
2nd round: 40 strokes on their pussies (ouch!)
3rd round: Full body whipping until one of them capitulates.
Lucy has never won any of her games yet, it Is time for her to have her first victory. Zazie has one won game (Wheel of Pain 29) and one lostgame (Painful Duel 7) in her history. The punishments are executed bythe lovely but vicious Domina Amanda.
Tags: Elite Pain Painful Duel Torture Whipping Bondage Tears Humiliation Pain lying on a bench Lucy Zazie Amanda Standing