Miss Svenson's Extra Detention - AAASpanking [Triple A Spanking] - Full HD/1080p

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Miss Svenson's Extra Detention - AAASpanking [Triple A Spanking] - Full HD/1080p

Model: Miss Svenson, Belle Calder
Studio: AAASpanking [Triple A Spanking]

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PlayTime: 6 min 25 s
Format: MP4
Video: 1920x1080
Audio: 44.1 KHz, 61 kbits/s

Belle is such a badly behaved young lady that most of the teaching staff are fed up trying to discipline her. She has been summoned to the office of Headmistress Svenson for an extra detention punishment. After a stern scolding Miss Svenson places Belle over her lap giving her a cold hard spanking.
This is to teach her that this time she will realize the full consequences of her continual poor behavior. This spanking by hand and then the stinging leather slipper on Belle's bare bottom is just the start of a strict hard caning that Belle finds difficult to take! Bent over the desk, her bare bottom stuck out and vulnerable, Belle immediately regrets getting into trouble as she hears the swish of the heavy cane. This is a severe punishment of a schoolgirl that has defied authority. Her poor bare bottom, already marked and red from a previous teacher's spanking, now takes a series of hard cane strokes that has her gasping in pure disbelief. This is a severe schoolgirl punishment discipline of Belle Calder receiving one of her hardest ever canings caught on film!
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