Making Her My Bitch Part I - Amateurspankings - Full HD

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Making Her My Bitch Part I - Amateurspankings - Full HD

Model: Kelle Martina, Noel Knight
Studio: Amateurspankings

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I am relaxing at home with my roommate, Kelle Martina, who has been giggling and texting nonstop for hours. Annoyed with her antics, I take her phone and discover she has been texting my boyfriend behind my back. I'm not about to let the little bitch get away with this! I turn her over my knee and give her a hard hand spanking, while yelling at her for being such a nasty whore. After I have her crying and apologizing I stand her up and strip her naked, poking and prodding at her slutty body and clothing. I slap her tits, face and ass until she's thoroughly humiliated and begging for forgiveness. Of course, I'm not satisfied with her pleas for mercy. if she wants to act like a whore, I'm going to treat her like one...
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