Schooldazed (Full Movie Episodes 1-5) - Punishedbrats - Full HD

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Schooldazed (Full Movie Episodes 1-5) - Punishedbrats - Full HD

Model: Kitty Catherine, Audrey, Mia Kay, David Pierson, Kim Chi, Gianna Love
Studio: Punishedbrats

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Part One: Kitty's First Day
Kitty was not happy that she was being sent to school and one that required the wearing of a uniform. Of course Audrey was sending her little step-sister to a top preparatory school so that next year she can enter the University of her choice. Kitty attempted to get out of going to school by feigning illness but her big step-sister was ready for this. As she had lost her young adult privileges, Audrey took her temperature rectally. Kitty felt beyond humiliated and then worse as her temperature came back as normal and Audrey began to spank little step-sister's bare bottom with the hairbrush.
As the hairbrush wielded by big step-sister Audrey fell time and again on her bare bottom, Kitty promised to go to school and behave. Once her punishment was over, the girl with the tear stained eyes and sore red bottom was sent to catch the bus.
Kitty Catherine and Audrey

Part Two: What Are You Doing In Bed?
Mia was tired and decided to rest in rather than attend class. Mia was new to the school and truly did not believe in the tales of spanking that circulated. When Mia was found in bed by Headmaster Pierson she was lead to the large bedroom. A sense of dread came over her as she came to realize that she was about to be spanked. Soon she found herself over Dr. Pierson's lap. She gasped as her bottom was bared and cried as she was spanked.
Mia was spanked on her bare bottom, an experience totally new to her, until she cried and proclaimed that she was sorry for napping in. After her spanking, she was led to the corner to stand with her red bottom on display.
Mia Kay and David Pierson

Part Three: Miss Audrey Needs to See You
Kim was called to Miss Audrey's office after having a confrontation with Dr. Beardsley in Physics class. While the brilliant student was correct in her assertion that the aging professor's equation was incorrect, it was her disrespectful way of going about it that landed Kim in trouble. Kim protested when she learned that her punishment was a bare bottom spanking over Miss Audrey's lap, but soon found herself with her panties down and Miss Audrey's hand descending over and over upon her bottom.
Kim Chi and Audrey

Part Four: Gianna Gets the Meter Stick
As prefect of her esteemed house, Gianna was aware that corporal punishment given to one such as she would be rather severe. As with Mia, Gianna was instructed to lift her skirt, lower her panties, and bend over the desk. Once the first blow fell, she knew that she was unprepared to take such a severe discipline. Dr Pierson was unrelenting in his attack upon Gianna's naked bottom. Once the 30th stoke had landed, he called for Mia to bend over the desk and await the arrival of the student counsel who would document their spankings.
Gianna Love and David Pierson

Part Five: Trouble At School
Kitty was summoned to Headmaster Pierson's residence after being disrespectful to one of her instructors. She was shocked to learn that her punishment was to be a bare bottom birching. As she was being positioned, she protested this treatment but as soon as she felt the sting of the birch, those protests turned to sobs and promises to be good.
Kitty cried uncontrollably as she was disciplined with the birch. Once her spanking was over, Kitty was walked to the window with her red bottom on display. She was quite visible to the girls walking by.
Kitty Catherine and David Pierson
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