HOW THE WHEEL POINTS OUT - Graias - 4K Ultra HD/2160p

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HOW THE WHEEL POINTS OUT - Graias - 4K Ultra HD/2160p

Model: Piglet, Nitta, Dr. Lomp
Studio: Graias

Size: 4436 MB
PlayTime: 13 min 57 s
Format: MP4
Video: 4096x2160
Audio: 48 KHz, 189 kbits/s

Here two masochist chicks, Piglet and Nitta, both wholly ready to suffer just for your pleasure. Mere pain would be some boring, so Lomp decides to set a contest between them. He will ask a question to pain-seeker girls, and who can't give the right answer will be punished cruelly. As an addition to this thrill, to determine the punishment, Dr. Lomp will consult to famous fortuneteller, the wheel of pain. Both girls seems quite shy and some distressed. Let's see if they can endure the pain, which Dr. Lomp will genteelly prepare for them.
Tags: 4K Ultra HD 2160p Graias Piglet Nitta Dr. Lomp Maximilian Lomp lying on your back legs in the air Crop Cane Whip red bottom Punishment Spanking M F