Strictmoor Academy Year Three Scene One (Part 2) - Sarahgregoryspanking [Strictmoor Academy] - Full HD

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Strictmoor Academy Year Three Scene One (Part 2) - Sarahgregoryspanking [Strictmoor Academy] - Full HD

Model: Samantha Baker, Miss Elizabeth, Clare Fonda, Cassidy Lau, Christy Cutie, Elori Stix, Kitty Catherine, Luci Lovett, Mackenzie Reed, Nuna Starks, Rachel Adams
Studio: Sarahgregoryspanking [Strictmoor Academy]

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We are proud to bring you Strictmoor Academy Year Three starring Clare Fonda, Miss Elizabeth, and Madame SamanthaB as the teaching staff and Cassidy Lau, Christy Cutie, Rachel Adams, Luci Lovett, Elori Stix, Kitty Catherine, Mackenzie Reed, and Nuna Starks as the eight naughty students. Year Three follows these eight young woman's two week course at the academy. Each are dealt with in the usual ways a naughty girl is at Strictmoor: with lots of discipline. This discipline entails, detentions, writing lines and essays, mouth soaping, and of course old fashioned over the knee bare bottom spankings. Also, as tradition stands, a spanking in the day means a spanking t night, so each naughty young woman suffers multiple spankings and punishments each day. Hopefully after this two week course they will be much more behaved and ready to return to their homes and colleges.
In scene one, we see nine flashbacks as told by the teaching staff. They sit around the dining room table and reminisce about when they were taken in hand and spanked by their mothers as well as many punishments they witnessed. Each lady witnessed spankings at their colleges when they were younger and they tell their stories as voyeurs. Also, they all discuss the last time they had to administer punishments to naughty young women.
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