Delta’s Tearful Bedtime Spanking clip 02 – Mommaspankings

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Delta’s Tearful Bedtime Spanking clip 02 – Mommaspankings

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Earlier that day, Delta was surprised to get a visit from Coach Lake who informed her mother about her bad behavior at cheer practice. She was spanked by her mom and caned by him. He suggested that she also be spanked that evening to drive the message home as he believed that “a spanking in the day means a spanking at night”. So, that night, a disappointed mom waits for Delta on the couch. Delta hesitantly comes in and lays over mommy’s lap to accept more punishment. Mommy gives her naughty daughter a hard hand spanking followed by an even harder hairbrush spanking with the dreaded wooden implement. This makes Delta kick, squirm and struggle as she sobs loudly over mother’s lap. The tears really flow… and with an uncomfortable, messy, tear stained face… she promises to be a good girl from now on. After the spanking she is sent to bed with a very sore bottom and where she can cry herself to sleep.
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