Spoiled Bratty Elori Spanked (Clip1) - Mommaspankings - Full HD

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Spoiled Bratty Elori Spanked (Clip1) - Mommaspankings - Full HD

Model: Elori Stix, Samantha Baker
Studio: Mommaspankings

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PlayTime: 4 min 12 s
Format: MP4
Video: 1920x1080
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What a spoiled little brat Elori has become. She is supposed to be practicing piano and instead she is banging on it and complains like a selfish obnoxious little madam. Mom has received a report that she is no better while at her piano teacher for her weekly lesson. In this family, playing the piano is just one of the many skills one must aspire to. Elori wants to be outdoors playing with friends instead of her boring practice chores. Mommy takes this spoiled brat over her lap right then and there for a much deserved old fashioned spanking. Elori is spanked over her beautiful dress, then on her tight-fitting white cotton panties and, of course, in this house... spankings are always carried out on the bare bottom. She is then made to ask mommy for a hairbrush spanking. The poor wretch is so embarrassed having to ask for what she knows she deserves. It is back over the maternal lap for a hard spanking with the wooden hairbrush. Afterward, her bottom burning, red and sore... she must sit on the hard wooden piano bench and continue her practice while mom looks on.
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