Careless Caregiver - Northernspanking - Full HD

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Careless Caregiver - Northernspanking - Full HD

Model: Ami Mercury, Paul Kennedy
Studio: Northernspanking

Size: 430 MB
PlayTime: 11 min 40 s
Format: MOV
Video: 1920x1080
Audio: 44.1 KHz, 125 kbits/s

When in-home nurse Ami arrives to take care of Paul's elderly aunt, SEVEN HOURS late, there is a nasty shock in store for her, in the shape of a very angry Mr Kennedy. When he hears that her only excuse for neglecting both her job and his bed-bound relative is that Ami was out partying, he becomes incandescent! The old lady was a schoolteacher decades earlier and retains one or two mementos, including her trusty cane.
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