Bad News From The North Pole! - Universal Spanking and Punishments - Full HD

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Bad News From The North Pole! - Universal Spanking and Punishments - Full HD

Model: Shy Sky
Studio: Universal Spanking and Punishments

Size: 1271 MB
PlayTime: 16 min 39 s
Format: MP4
Video: 1920x1080
Audio: 44.1 KHz, 151 kbits/s

This is a classic Holiday Tale where a helper of Santa has her bare bottom spanked and sizzled for delivering bad news instead of presents! You see, Santa's Helper (Shy Sky) makes an unexpected visit to the home of a man that's been good all year long. In fact, he always sets out milk and cookies so the joyous man in the red suit can refresh along his journey. Unfortunately though, this year something has gone terribly wrong at the North Pole and some people won't be getting gifts at all:( Well, someone is going to have to pay the price for delivering such astonishingly bad news, and it's going to be Santa's Helper. First, she is given a long hand spanking that fires up her behind, turning it a beautiful shade of pink. Next, she is given many lashes with several different painful leather straps. Santa's Helper has never been spanked like this at the North Pole! Finally, she is bent over for some searing strokes of the cane, her bottom is a glowing red by the time this punishment is done. Hopefully she'll get word to the North Pole that the Holiday is important to everyone and that leaving people out will result in painfully sore buns;)
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